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Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. 4Tech will help you develop an affiliate program or earn from affiliate marketing.

Why affiliate marketing?

Digital Marketing Slovenia

4Tech (Affiliate Marketing) - Why us?

4Tech Digital Marketing was founded specifically to promote business in the digital environment. In recent years we have focused on SEO and Affiliate Marketing, two interdependent currents.

Affiliate Marketing at a Glance …

WordPress WooCommerce

You want a WordPress e-commerce site – Woocommerce. WordPress is now a decade old and is still the reigning champion for managing sites with a lot of content. If you plan to pursue an SEO or content marketing strategy for your business, WordPress is the only legitimate choice for your site.


Gift Vouchers – visual content design by 4Tech Digital Marketing

The best digital marketing Malta upselling tool in 2020

Here top tips to give you the Digital Marketing Malta tools to promote and sell your Gift Vouchers in Malta:

Why gift vouchers are a great way to generate revenue for your business:

  1. They represent the most profitable item any business is offering to the customers.
  2. You will get paid up-front for something you have not yet provided to the customer.
  3. At voucherswithlove.com you can promote your Gift Vouchers at full price with 0% discount.
  4. Now you can easily unlock 1 Year free trial at voucherswithlove.com, a top digital marketing platform, specialised in Gift Vouchers up sales in Malta

Gift Vouchers, are a potential growth engine for businesses, becoming the convenient gift for both purchasers and receivers.

When you don’t know what to get a friend or colleague, the choice is typically a Gift Voucher. Visit voucherswithlove.com for give some cool gift ideas in form of gift vouchers available in Malta that you can easily buy online.

You have a busy schedule and not time to walk into shops to browse for the perfect gift for an upcoming anniversary, birthday or other event. With just few clicks at voucherswithlove.com you will find the perfect gift you wish to offer.

Are you a business owner looking for a digital marketing Malta tool to promote your business and Gift Voucher in Malta?

Read about these Gift Vouchers digital and offline marketing ideas:

  • The best way to sell more gift vouchers is to associate a contest with each gift voucher promotion. For instance, you can enter each gift card buyer into the contest to win something great from your venue.
  • The Gift Vouchers must be branded with your restaurant logo and awesome design, so recipients know where they are heading. Sometimes all it takes is a festive gift voucher to catch a customer’s eye and remind them that they have forgotten a couple of people on their gift giving list. A gift voucher to their favourite restaurant or product is the perfect solution.
  • Promote and sell online on your website or third parties specialised websites like voucherswithlove.com.
  • Promote and sell at your venue by involving your employees in promoting your voucher by offering them a prize or reward for the employee who sell the most gift vouchers. This is an excellent up selling programme.


Digital Marketing Malta by 4Tech Digital Marketing Ltd.

Enter Gift Voucher Details

What you will get!

1 Year FREE link building from our network websites and partner websites in Malta.

1 Year FREE SEO optimisation of you Gift Voucher Advert on Google results.

Loyalty discounts awards after the 1 Year FREE trial for Gift Vouchers submitted for promotion this Month.

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Most popular digital marketing Malta tool for your local market.

What Daily Deals are?

  • Daily Deals are essential factor for a quick and effective promotion and to grow your businesses.
  • Easy to attract new buyers with appealing discounts, making their shopping greater and giving the right incentive for returning to your business.
  • Most of the time the customer behaviour is to continue shopping after experiencing the convenient method of online shopping and especially the benefits of Daily Deals sales.
  • Daily deals digital marketing Malta tools delivered by 4Tech Digital Marketing Malta are a great way to convert new customers into loyal ones.
  • Providing regular daily deals is considered a smart business strategy that attracts a large range of visitors and enhance customer interest in your products and services.
  • Boost your sales faster with appealing prices that purchasers can access on a large scale. Online buyers are more prone to buy a product if it has a reasonable cost with worthy quality. As a result, a quick growth of sales is easily achievable
  • If customers feel satisfied with services and appealing daily deals, they will share with other people and you will get lots of brand awareness. It means that purchasers are making free shared advertising for your products and services.

Some tips to make your Daily Some tips to make your Daily Deals digital marketing Malta promotions work well.

Daily Deal is a proven strategy in business, and you should operate this promotion on the right way to make sure you will achieve your goals. Do not worry if you have no idea about the deals. Here are some useful tips for online websites to make the Daily Deals programs run properly:

  • When starting a Daily Deals campaign, venue owners should plan carefully to keep the business headed in the right direction. Therefore, you should determine the costs of products or services and the real income when you run the deal through digital marketing Malta campaigns. Offer a discount between 30% to 50% to assure the promotion is strong enough to boost your sales. It is essential to select the potential products with fair margins and at the same time attractive for the online buyers looking for deals in Malta. Besides, this is a great chance for shops to sell inventories and bust cash flows.
  • In addition, offering to your customers various types of daily deals is a smart way to get them excited with pages that are promoting your business, product or service. Customers are willing to update information regularly if the pages have lots of appealing deals.
  • While running Daily Deals it is necessary to restrict the deal time in order to create an atmosphere of urgency. A tool of countdown timer is useful for both stores and users, as the countdown clock shows how much time remains until the end of the deal and convert them in a customer. Therefore, the countdown clock function motivates website users to buy items quickly instead to get the discount within the scheduled time.
  • You could manage your deals yourselves on your website or at the same time leave into the expert’s hands to run and promote your deals. 4Tech Digital Marketing Malta team will run and promote your deals at voucherswithlove.com in a professional approach and without any effort from your side.


Digital Marketing Malta by 4Tech Digital Marketing Ltd.

Enter Daily Deal Details

What you will get!

1 Year FREE link building from our network websites and partner websites in Malta.

1 Year FREE SEO optimisation of you Daily Deal Advert on Google results.

Loyalty discounts awards after the 1 Year FREE trial for Daily Deals submitted for promotion this Month.

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Loyalty discounts could be the best digital marketing Malta tool to keep your customers loyal and get plenty of referrals to grow your market in Malta, Europe.

Loyalty discount is a marketing tool used as part of loyalty programs designed by merchants to encourage customers to continue visit them businesses and buy then products and services.

The loyalty discounts could be associated to a specific product or service or can be offered as a way of incentive for a continuous membership. Loyalty programs can be applied to any type of product or service and they can be linked to rewards schemes in place.

The loyalty discount can be accessed by users with a physical or digital discount e-card. At 4Tech Digital Marketing Malta we connect the customers to your business in the most convenient way. Therefore, we deliver a user-friendly digital discount e-card that can be accessed with just few clicks at voucherswithlove.com

In addition, we offer to our business partners various options to advertise and run loyalty programmes specific to the desired goal. The online discount e-card users could be entitled either a discount or an offer like “Buy 3 and Get 1 Free” accordingly to the offers advertised by product or services providers in Malta.

Your Digital Marketing Malta team realised that a physical card is more likely to be lost and currently all the attention is concentrated on delivering an online discount e-card accessible in the most convenient way by the users. In addition, we offer a merchant tool on voucherswithlove.com where our business partners can redeem the discount with just a click from any device.

Therefore, we are offering a user friendly and convenient online discount e-card that your customers and you will love.

Digital Marketing Malta by 4Tech Digital Marketing Ltd.

Enter Loyalty Discount Details

What you will get!

1 Year FREE link building from our network websites and partner websites in Malta.

1 Year FREE SEO optimisation of you Loyalty Discount Advert on Google results.

Loyalty discounts awards after the 1 Year FREE trial for Loyalty Discounts submitted for promotion this Month.

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Promote your upcoming in-shop sales! This Digital Marketing Malta tool will help you promote and bust your seasonal cash flow or clear the stocks for a new collection or inventory.

In-Shop Sales in Malta are a great incentive for local potential buyers and for the venue owner at the same time. In general marketing and sales differ but they have the same goal, selling being the final stage in marketing which puts the plan into effect toward achieving the business objective.

Achieving the planned objectives might involve the sales team to make use or promotional techniques such as advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and public relations, creating new sales channels, or creating new products or services. In addition, can include encouraging the potential customer to visit the organization’s venue or website, contact the organization for more information, or interact with the organization via social media channels, websites or digital marketing platforms.

When planning a marketing programme the vendor harmonize the promotion, product or service and price towards achieving the maximum profitability.  Therefore, the marketing department in an organization has the goals of increasing the desirability and value of the products and services offered to the customer and maximize the profitability margins of each promotion.

At 4Tech Digital Marketing we bring you an effortless way to advertise your upcoming In-Shop Sales on voucherswithlove.com, a dedicated digital marketing Malta platform.

Businesses generally find it challenging to synchronize their marketing and sales team. The marketing and sales departments, although different in nature, handle very similar concepts and must work together to achieve the business goals. Therefore, building a good relationship between the two teams that encourages communication can be the key to success.

4Tech Digital Marketing connect the digital marketing and sales within the same team to achieve the best digital marketing desirable output for our partners in Malta.

Digital Marketing Malta by 4Tech Digital Marketing

Enter In-Shop Sales Details

What you will get!

1 Year FREE link building from our network websites and partner websites in Malta.

1 Year FREE SEO optimisation of you In-Shop Sale Advert on Google results.

Loyalty discounts awards after the 1 Year FREE trial for In-Shop Sale submitted for promotion this Month.

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Are you planning to connect your website to the digital market in Slovenia?

Simply contact us and one of our digital marketing team members based in Slovenia will set up a meeting with you in just a couple of days.

During the meeting, our digital marketing team member will ask you a few questions in order to understand your project and set the marketing objectives.

Read below a sample about what your digital marketing representative might bring in discussion during the meeting:

  • Assess your target segments and the overall digital marketing Slovenia strategy.
  • Your plans to promote your website in Slovenia or expand internationally.
  • Set your digital marketing business objectives i.e. brand awareness, website visitors, generate services, or product sales.
  • Establish the pre-launch digital marketing plan and the scaling desire.
  • Vision and expectations about bringing and convert your website users towards reaching your goals.
  • Projecting the digital marketing budget based on targets achieved.
  • The budget allocation between SEO and SEM strategies.
  • Choosing the right tools towards converting the new web visitors into customers.

On the other hand, your digital marketing consultant will answer any questions you wish to ask, and at the same time give advice from the design, development and marketing perspective.

Our aim is to help our partners achieve the desired objectives by delivering you the latest digital marketing Slovenia trends and technologies.

Digital Marketing Slovenia by 4Tech Digital Marketing

In order to design your website properly, you need a projection of your digital marketing strategy before you start web development. Therefore, choose and integrate the right digital marketing Slovenia tools into your strategies and tactics projected to build your website.

The digital marketing strategy should include all the digital channels your company uses to promote, communicate with your potential customers, convert them into actual customers, and sell your products or services in Malta.

Below a few tips you should consider when building your website and planning the digital marketing strategy:

  • Establish your niche and set up a goal and strategy customized to your market segment in Slovenia.
  • Choose delivery channels like social media, content marketing, SEO, or SEM.
  • Hire staff or professionals to manage your campaigns. Therefore, connect to social media influencers, content writers, SEO, and SEM administrators.
  • Choose wise your keywords and constantly monitor and keep updated with the digital marketing trends and technologies.
  • Keep building your delivery channels like blogs, social media channels, online digital marketing platforms results.
  • Set up digital marketing and sales automation systems and analyze your progress in connection with your marketing desired output.

Start right!

Digital Marketing Malta by 4Tech Digital Marketing